Synecdoche Barcelona

What's the meaning of Barcelona in a global context?

Spain a land of "fiesta", a land of "toros", but also one of the PIGS. Inside that scenario: What's the meaning of Barcelona in a hyperconnected context nowadays? Every city on the globe got a kind of reputation sometimes misguided and biased, or -on the contrary- positively inspired by true events. All that is the story to tell about a place that could seduce investment and development.

Nevertheless a city is alive. Internal and external matters affects what's the actual profile of a city. Political and social issues are mixed with myths and gossip. At the same time Barcelona means Catalonia, Spain and Europe, also means just a city and a little cosmos, a province and an autonomus region, a glass half empty or half full.

As an example of what's happening to the global meaning of many important metropolis in the world; an emblematic city like San Francisco is now dealing with a turning point to maintain its own success. The progressive culture that once was a sense of pride for locals is now the omen sign of a cartoonish "Dot Com Montecarlo".

By its side Barcelona is a mobile world capital and recently has been included in some influential media as an example for good entrepreneurial environment in Europe just when the region has been whipped with one of the most adverse economic situations.

Closer to BCN there are some role models to pay attention to. Berlin for example, despite the cold seasons or tax burden, enjoys the cultural cauldron and magnetic field for artistic individuals that was the seed for some of the most innovative generations of entrepreneurs. However, the german city is not free of social rejection to a gradual gentrification spawned through the years that now culminates in this negative period.

Could be the recent Barcelona's history a benefit or a prejudice? could be the cultural and artistic environment, mild weather, culinary highlights and beautiful surroundings... enough to call innovative individuals to start a dream in Barcelona?

I think there's still more important questions left to answer. Did Barcelona learn from the mistakes of other cities around the world and make its own particular path to the future? Are the citizens of Barcelona being compromised to a common "grit" for the sake of the same objective? Maybe when that's answered Barcelona will get a brand new meaning for the city among the cities, the value inside the values, the people among the people, the future beyond all the possible futures.